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Searching for Bigfoot: Dr. Meldrum in Sunset Magazine, September 24, 2014

Sure, Northern California’s Redwood State and National Parks are home to the tallest trees on earth. But did you know that they could also be home to the tallest hominid on earth? Since many Bigfoot sightings have taken place in or near the redwoods, the legend of Sasquatch looms large in these fog-shrouded forests. We sat down with Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, professor of anatomy and anthropology, primate expert, and author of Sasquatch Field Guide to learn more about the alleged redwoods resident. – See more at:

SASQUATCH REVEALED: Columbia Gorge interpretive center Dec 28th


Exhibit opens Sat. December 28 • 4pm
Dinner: 5:30 pm • Presentation 6:30 pmRESERVATIONS REQUIRED by Monday, Dec. 23.
For information or reservations call 541-296-8600 x 201.

Where does myth end and science begin? This exhibit draws from all the available scientific research and evidence compiled to date on the humanoid known as Sasquatch, or Bigfoot. The display, curated by Christopher Murphy of Vancouver, British Columbia, will be at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center from
December 28 through February 23, 2014.

Dinner will be served starting at 5:30 pm in the Basalt Rock Café, with both an adult and kid’s menu. Adult menu offers your choice of Herb Encrusted Prime Rib or Roast Salmon with Lemon Dill Glaze. Children’s menu includes Mountain Mac & Cheese and Sasquatch Stronganoff.

COST FOR DINNER & PRESENTATION: $25 per adult for non-members, $20 per adult for members, $15 per child (6 & up) for non-members, $10 per child (6 & up) for members, kids 5 & under are free
PRESENTATION ONLY: $15 per adult for non-members, $10 per adult members, $7.50 per child (6 & up) for non-members, and $5 per child (6 & up) for members, 5 & under are free. Reservations required by Monday, Dec. 23.

Explore audio segments, view a gallery of footprint and handprint casts, reports of sightings in Wasco County and United States, newspaper reports, comparative skulls, and artist renditions.

 DR. JEFF MELDRUM, Professor of Anthropology from Idaho State University will give a talk and sign his acclaimed book, Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science. Medrum’s book takes a detailed look at the scientific DNA and forensic evidence gathered on Sasquatch.
Meldrum has published numerous academic papers ranging from vertebrate evolutionary morphology, the emergence of bipedal locomotion in modern humans and Sasquatch and is a co-editor of a series of books on paleontology. Meldrum also coedited From Biped to Strider: The Emergence of Modern Human Walking with Charles E. Hilton. He edited the textbook From Biped to Strider (Springer, 2004)
Meldrum has attracted media attention due to his interest in Bigfoot. Skeptic Brian Dunning writes that “The work of responsible scientists like Dr. Meldrum is exactly what true skeptics should be asking the Bigfoot community for, not criticizing him for it.”

CHRISTOPHER MURPHY became involved in the Sasquatch mystery when he met René Dahinden in 1993. He then worked with René in producing posters from the Patterson/Gimlin film and marketing them along with sasquatch footprint casts. In 1996, Chris republished Roger Patterson’s 1966 book, Do Abominable Snowmen Of America Really Exist?, and Fred Beck’s book, I Fought the Apemen of Mt. St. Helens. In 1997, Chris published, Bigfoot In Ohio: Encounters with the Grassman, a book he authored in association with Joedy Cook and George Clappison of Ohio. (All of these books were published by Pyramid Publications, Chris’ company.)
In 2000, Chris embarked on a project to assemble a comprehensive pictorial presentation on the sasquatch. This initiative led to publication (Hancock House Publishers) of his book Meet the Sasquatch (written in association with John Green and Thomas Steenburg), and his 2004/05 sasquatch exhibit at the Vancouver (BC) Museum.
In due course, Chris wrote a supplemental update section to Roger Patterson’s book, which was provided in a republished edition (Hancock House Publishers) of the entire book under the title, The Bigfoot Film Controversy. The following year, Chris updated his Ohio book, again with his two previous associates, and it was published in 2006 by Hancock House under the title, Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio: Quest for the Grassman.
In 2005, Chris’ sasquatch exhibit traveled to the Museum of Mysteries in Seattle, where it was displayed for five months. In June of the following year, it opened at the Museum of Natural History in Pocatello, Idaho (Idaho State University), where is was shown for 15 months.
In 2008, Chris completed his book, Bigfoot Film Journal: A Detailed Account of the Patterson/Gimlin Film Circumstances and Aftermath. It was published by Hancock House that year.
During this time, Chris updated his book Meet the Sasquatch, which was republished in 2010 under the title Know the Sasquatch: Sequel and Update to Meet the Sasquatch (Hancock House Publishers).
In 2011, Chris got together with Barry Blount and re-explored the famous story of “Jacko” the ape-boy, who was alleged to have been captured near Yale, BC, in 1884. This led to the publication of, Yale and the Strange Story of Jacko the Ape-boy, (Hancock House Publishers) later that year.
Also during 2011, Chris decided to compile a book on sasquatch incidents and sasquatch history in British Columbia. He teamed up with Thomas Steenburg and in 2012 they produced Sasquatch in British Columbia: A Chronology of Incidents and Important Events (Hancock House Publishers).
In May 2012, Chris’ exhibit opened at the Yale Historic Site — Creighton House Museum, Yale, BC. On opening day, a book debut was held for Sasquatch in British Columbia. The exhibit ran to October 2012 and has subsequently been extended, by popular demand, to run for the entire 2013 season. During the last 20 years, Chris has worked in conjunction with all of the major Pacific Coast researchers. He has provided many presentations at conferences and has appeared in television documentaries.

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